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American Lady English Japanese Teacher, IELTS...

Verified Sat Nov 10, 2018

                                         American Lady English Japanese Teacher, IELTS...
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Hello!I am an American woman, branding consultant and professional published writer, former US newspaper news editor, and US-certified English and Japanese language teacher ready to help you in any relevant capacity.My branding repertoire includes the writing of corporate profiles, speeches, heavy and light articles, comedy, ads, lyrics, and jingles.. You can access my writing samples here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-collisson-40472b9a/detail/recent-activity/posts/WRITING and RESEARCH:Writing project fees differ based on amount and quality of work already completed. Often projects are less expensive if written as original work by me, rather than edited – which can take extensive time. However, prepared work can give me an insight into your goal, target audience, and desired style. Keep in mind that I am a professional published writer and former US newspaper news editor holding a BA in English and education and an MA in Japanese language and literature. For many years I have been a branding consultant for which I am continuously recognized for having superb facility with English. For this reason, I charge 600 dirhams per hour. However, to be reasonable, this fee WILL DECREASE if my calculation of time required increases; in other words, the more time required, the lower the hourly fee. All payments will be negotiated and agreed upon and paid either in part or in full (for smaller projects) in advance.ENGLISH LESSONS AND WRITING FEES:English lesson fees can vary based on location. To receive a discount, full payment is required up front with no return, so decide carefully; otherwise, regular payments are AED 200 per single hour-and-a-half lesson. (Note: A single intensive 3-hour writing less costs AED 500.)Discounts:100 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (100 aed) = 10,000 AED 75 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (110 aed) = 8,250 AED50 lessons @ 1.5 hrs - (120 aed) = 6,000 AED40 lessons @ 1.5 hrs - (130 aed) = 5,200 AED25 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (140 aed) = 3,500 AED16 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (150 aed) = 2,400 AED10 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (160 aed) = 1,600 AED5 lessons @ 1.5 hrs (170 aed) = 850 AEDFor more information about PROFESSIONAL WRITING, BRANDING, or TEACHING you can call me anytime on Show Phone Number (Zero Five Six Seven Nine One Zero Four Eight Eight), or send me a message on Linkedin. I look forward to an awesome collaboration!Nancy


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