Frequently Asked Questions

We use collective buying power to benefit you, the consumer. features a number of new deals each day - such as 50% off a one-night stay at a local hotel or AED 50 worth of credit to spend at a top restaurant for AED 25.

Every day we feature cool things to do and great products to buy, all at amazing prices. Check back every morning for more awesome deals! Part of what makes this fun for us is trying to expose people to things they wouldn't have done otherwise, like shows, amusement park passes, activities, city tours, car services and more.

If you have a problem then we'll do all we can to help. For help with our most frequently asked questions, please read below.

- Your voucher will be sent as PDF attachment via email, to the email address registered on your’s account, on the date shown on your receipt.

- You can always access your voucher by logging into your’s account.

- Next to each voucher is a "Download voucher!" button which can be used to download the voucher

note if your voucher has expired you will no longer be able to see the 'Download voucher' button

So you've ordered a voucher, what happens now? Straight away, we'll send you a receipt. An email will be sent to you containing your voucher including security code (redemption code) and full instructions on what to do next.

For instance, if you buy a restaurant offer, we'll include contact details to enable you to book your table.

Your voucher is sent by email to the address used when registering your details with us. However, you can also find it by logging into your registered account and then to Deal purchases, you will see all your vouchers details, as the voucher is a PDF attachment it may be sent to your spam folder so please make sure you check this; otherwise, contact us on

You are able to edit your personal information at any time in the "My Account" section of your’s account which you can access after logging in our website.

Please check all of the following solutions which may resolve your issue.
1- Make sure your card information is correct.

2- If you are using mobile device, please check your connection.

3- Try clearing your cache and cookies and make sure you are not using a bookmarked page.

No problem, just log in to your account and access it again.

You can either exchange it for the product or service stated in the deal.

Yes, we can refund the voucher value but under Shofey conditions.

Sadly not. Expiry dates are made very clear on the voucher itself, and they must be used before the expiry date passes.

No - You'll probably want to invite people anyway, though - vouchers are always fun to use with friends or a great way to make new ones.

Just click on "Add to cart" before the deal ends and before we sell out! We will email you a printable voucher that you can use for the desired deals (check the valid from and valid until dates).

All vouchers have an expiry date (also known as a "until/to" date). The participating merchant may have other restrictions which will be set out both in the Partner Conditions before you buy a deal and on the voucher itself. Often it is necessary to make a reservation with the participating business to use your voucher.

Yes. Unless the Fine Print specifically states otherwise, gift away.

No. Unless otherwise stated you will not receive a credit or cash back for whatever you don't use.

No, not unless the voucher specifically states otherwise.

As soon as you click "Proceed" and buy.

We use a direct payment processor to handle all payment processes securely and efficiently. At no time is credit or debit card information stored on our servers.

All the deal details are in the Full Details section on the deal page which will tell you everything you need to know.

The contact details for the venue/merchant will be on the deal itself if you need to check specific dates and times.

You can raise a query in Contact us page and send email or check our full contact details in footer.