About us

Shofey.com is a leading marketplace & classified platform to buy and share the best things to do in your city - or wherever you may be. We provide a trusted, convenient source for finding value on everyday items and activities and identifying novel, enriching and fun experiences for you to enjoy and share with your friends. With hundreds of unique and diverse offers every day, we inspire our members to discover everything from weekend excursions to international travel, from exclusive gourmet dinners to family outings and more.
We help local and national businesses to grow by introducing them to new customers. We deliver compelling and cost-effective marketing solutions for large and small businesses and provide our partners with the tools to make our members loyal to them.

  • Our Products and Programs

    Deals and discounts on the best things to do in your city, from restaurants and family outings to personal fitness, spa indulgences, and more.

  • Night Stays

    Travel packages and guided adventures to destinations across the country and around the world.

  • Restaurants, Activities, Desert Safari, Yachts & Dhows

    We partner with some of the biggest names in sports, music, theatre, and original outings to help you find the best things to do wherever you are.

  • Massage & Relaxation

    Spa treatments, makeup tools, manicures, pedicures, massages, there is always a reason to treat yourself and look better.

  • More other

    We're constantly adding new services to delight you in all aspects of your life.

  • What We Do For Our Customers

    At Shofey.com, we are experience architects, designing unexpected opportunities and adventures to satisfy the deal seeker, the curious, and the savviest of shoppers. We offer everything from bargains to fit your budget, services you need when you need them, and for the explorer in all of us handpicked, unique experiences at a great value.

  • We help create and share memories by:

    • - Partnering with great local businesses to cultivate and share their deep knowledge of the iconic and the hidden gems in their neighborhoods.
    • - Offering priceless experiences that create genuine value for both our members and our merchants.
    • - Crafting deals that often offer an element of surprise.
    • - At Shofey.com, we try to make experiences as memorable as possible.
    • - If you ever have a problem, we will work hard to fix it.

  • What We Do for Our Merchants

    Shofey.com vast network and reach is a perfect platform for local businesses to tap into. Whether you are a restaurant, retail store, hotelier, service provider, or venue with an event to promote, Shofey.com can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

    Our experts will work closely with you to craft the right deal for your business. We'll help you determine the type and timing of the offer that will attract new customers and generate visibility for your brand.

    Shofey.com’s members are bold and fun, actively seeking unique experiences and great deals, both near and far. Each day, our consumers respond to the new restaurants, services, activities, attractions, and products that we uncover and promote.

    That response is just the beginning. Merchants find that Shofey.com’s members become some of their best customers, with strong upsell potential and long-term loyalty. Our members don't just want to take on new experiences, but they want to share it. They've been known to refer their family, friends, colleagues, and others to businesses. And many use social media to advocate and promote for the businesses.